Opelousas - Perfectly Seasoned

17. Old City Hall – Opelousas Town Market, 1888

April 9, 1888

131 W. Bellevue Street

Built of handmade brick in 1888, this building was once the center of commerce when it served as the town’s market. The town had a market house long before that, as noted in records soon after Opelousas was incorporated in 1821. Other market buildings were constructed in 1853 and 1867. This building was an arcaded, open-air market with a hip roof and a large mansard cupola. In addition to fresh vegetables, fruits and other food items, it also housed a coffee shop, which often served meals such as “fat goose gumbo.” In the early 1900s, the building housed the Electric Light Supply Storage Co., and served as the Opelousas Public Library for a time. When women won the right to vote during the 1920s, Opelousas ladies exercised their rights at the Old Town Market polling place. In 1932, the building was renovated into the neo-classical style, as it appears today, and served as the city hall until 1962.

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