25. John Thistlethwaite House, 1925

April 9, 1925

631 S. Court Street

Built by John Thistlethwaite and Charlotte Frere Thistlethwaite when they moved into Opelousas from Macland Plantation north of Washington. This Greek Revival home is made with cypress and features massive fluted columns. Mr. Thistlethwaite owned and operated Thislethwaite Lumber Company and Macland Plantation just outside of the town of Washington. The family built this
house in Opelousas so it would be easier for the younger Thistlethwaite children to attend school. In 1950, John Thistlethwaite’s son, Hugh, purchased the home from his siblings and lived here until his death. Today, the Guidry family owns the home.

Last modified: April 13, 2021

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