Equipment Operator I (Water Division) – Job Opportunity

July 26, 2022



Pay Range 5 . . . . . . . Hourly Salary $8.97 . . . . . Annual Salary $18,657.60


            Work in this class involves operating trucks, tractors, and other light automotive or construction equipment.  In addition to the safe and efficient operation of equipment, employees frequently participate in maintenance repair and minor construction activities.  Routine and repetitive assignments are performed under general supervision.  Persons may be required to perform manual labor duties and is responsible for supervising subordinates assigned as helpers to trucks and equipment.

 Minimum Qualification Requirements:

            Ability to read and write with some experience in the operation of trucks, tractors or equipment similar to those described herein, or any equivalent combination of training and experience.  Must possess the appropriate class commercial driver’s license as required by the State of Louisiana if the assigned equipment is operated on streets, highways, medians, or roadsides.


 Who May Apply:

            This position is open to all permanent classified employees of the Municipal Civil Service System of the City of Opelousas who meet the minimum qualifications for the position. This position is also open to all registered voters of the state of Louisiana, who meet the minimum qualifications for the position.  Applicants whose qualifications are acceptable will be notified the particulars for the examination.

How To Apply:

            Applications must be received from the Civil Service Office, City Plaza, Opelousas, LA.  All questions on said application must be answered and failure to do so may result in applicant receiving a lower score, or rejection of the application.  All applications must be signed, mailed, or delivered to the Civil Service Office at 105 North Main Street, Opelousas, LA  70570.  Will post until the first three applicants received.

 Military Preference:

Three (3) points shall be added to the grade on promotional examination and (5) points added to the open entrance for all applicants with military service under honorable conditions provided that the points may be added only after a passing grade or score is attained. 

         ISSUED: JULY 26, 2022

Last modified: July 28, 2022

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