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Job Opportunity – Sign Painter

April 29, 2021

Pay Range 8 ………………………………………………….Minimum $9.69 Hour

This is semi-skilled work of a specialized nature involved in the fabrication of traffic signs. The incumbent works with silk screens, drill press, stencils, and other related tools and equipment. Work is performed in accordance with standard practice under relatively limited supervision. May supervise a small crew of laborers in preparing signs for erection. Assignments are received from Public Works Office Assistant or Director in the form of written works orders. Completed work is checked through inspection for quality and adherence to assignments.

Graduation from high school or GED, supplemented by basic course work and some experience in art, graphics, drafting, or related courses, and some supervisory experience, or any equivalent combination of training and experience. Must possess a valid Louisiana driver license.


This position is open to all registered voters of the state of Louisiana, who meet the minimum qualification for the position. Applicant, when appointed, must move within the 12 miles radius after six months of being certified as permanent. This position is open to all permanent civil service employees of the City of Opelousas who meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Applicants whose qualifications are acceptable shall be notified of the particulars for taking the examination.


Applications must be received from the Civil Service Office in City Hall, Opelousas, LA. All questions on said application must be answered, failure to do so may result in applicant receiving a lower score, or rejection of the application. All applications must be signed, mailed, or delivered to the Civil Service Director at her office in City Hall. Applications must be received in the Civil Service Office. This job will be posted until we have three (3) applicants who meet the required minimum qualifications.

Five (5) points shall be added to the open entrance examination and three (3) points shall be added to the
grade on promotional examination for all applicants with military service under honorable conditions provided that the points are added only after a passing grade or score is attained. Applicants claiming preference under the provisions of this rule must present discharge papers to the Civil Service Director for determination of eligibility under the Louisiana Constitution.

ISSUED: April 29 2021

Last modified: August 2, 2021

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