About Opelousas

We Are Opelousas …

We have a flavored history. We are one of Louisiana’s oldest communities. Established in 1720 as Le Poste Des Opelousas, our community grew as a center of trade and a crossroads of commerce.  Our history lives on in our historic homes, our town square, and in the museums that celebrate our storied past.
St Landry Parish Court House
Our music is our spice. We are the world’s capital of Zydeco. The legends of this unique musical style play here each week filling the air with the sounds of the rub board and the accordion.
Zydeco Musicians
Cajun and Swamp Pop round out our musical heritage creating a mix of sounds unlike any in the world.
Mardi Gras Dancers
Our zest for life is conveyed in our food. From Opelousas come ingredients that are the foundation of Cajun and Creole flavors. It is from here that the tastes of Acadiana have become known worldwide.
Fried Boudin Ballls
Our roux, boudin, gumbo and seasonings are legendary.  It is through food that we show our warmth, our character, and the richness of our region.
Preparing Gumbo
We are a place of progress where we look to the future with the wisdom of a nearly 300-year history, we are a place of families where day-to-day routines are a celebration of a culture preserved, and we cherish this place and all the ingredients that make us unique.
Rtoary Centennial Clock at the Court House Square
We Are Opelousas,  Louisiana…Perfectly Seasoned.

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