Water Pressure Update

December 26, 2022

Citizens of Opelousas, over the past few days our community has been impacted by frigid temperatures that have tremendously affected our water system and its pressure.

We will continue to experience decreased or no water/ water pressure for the next 24 hours—until our reservoir is replenished and pressure increases in our distribution system.

More leaks are being developed throughout Opelousas. This is due to the storm, the lack of water caused by low pressure, and over usage that derives from dripping.

Our crews have been tirelessly working and are actively addressing these issues.

I strongly urge all citizens NOT to ‘DRIP FAUCETS.’ By not doing so, we will conserve water and allow the water system to build its reservoir.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated, as we confront these challenging conditions and time. Let’s continue to work together.

Mayor Alsandor

Last modified: December 26, 2022

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