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Message from Mayor Alsandor regarding safety during Easter

April 1, 2021


April 1, 2021

Message from Mayor Alsandor regarding safety during Easter

Happy Easter,

I pray that all is well with each of you and your families.  As we move into the Easter holiday, it is incumbent upon each of us, young and old, to use our wisdom and knowledge in following safety protocols.

It’s been said that a journey of a million miles begins with one step.  While we continue to take actionable steps to see our society and city return to what we hope to call a “normal life,” I humbly ask everyone to maintain caution and adhere to the medical community’s guidance regarding COVID-19.

Over one year ago, we were faced with the start of this pandemic.  Today, as our COVID-19 positivity rates continue to decline, we can say that we have made strides and overcome many obstacles. However, we cannot forget that we are still battling this virus that has impacted many of our lives in a way none of us expected.

Like many of you, I am looking forward to the family gathering on this holy day of resurrection this Easter while understanding that we have not reached the mountain top yet. We’re climbing and making strides upward, so please, Opelousas, let’s not slip and lose our balance. Together, we can and we will better tomorrow!

From the City Council, employees, staff, administration and myself, we truly wish each of you a joyous and blessed Easter Holiday.


Mayor Alsandor

Last modified: April 9, 2021

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